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Joan Arévalo Sabaté
I've been a teacher of Spanish as a second language several years ago in the UK, teacher of English as a second language not so many years ago in Spain and recently I've been working in the field of software translation. I've lived in Italy, UK and Canada (Québec and Ontario) as well as in my native Spain. I hold an MA in Social Anthropology, another one in Translation Studies and a BA in History of Art. I'm keen to meet committed people who are aware of vulnerability in any form and want to do their share to improve social justice.
— Joan, France
Chibueze Victor Udemba
Chibueze Victor Udemba was born in Lagos Nigeria. Moved to Switzerland to further his education. He has travelled to various countries like Ghana, Benin Republic, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, e.t.c. visiting this countries has made me know more about their different culture and how the people behaves. My bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led me to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Chibueze is a student of European University, and currently studying International Relations in Geneva, and his dream is to work for the UN or it's Intenational Agencies. I reside in Bern Switzerland. Also I love sport, and I play football for FC Bern. © Victor
— Chibueze Victor, Switzerland
Rita Foy
I am a motivated individual looking forward to new challenges and opportunities to meet new people everyday. I am very much interested in development and humanitarian fields which accounts for my moving from Cameroon to Switzerland to study Humanitarian Action. I worked for a local NGO in Cameroon by name Civil Initiatives for Development with Integrity (CIDI) and got involved in supporting project management in civic education and functional literacy programmes. I threfore look forward to ways of improving my experience and skills in the sphere of development and humanitarian activities whichever way I can.
— Rita, Switzerland

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